Free Eye Camp Statistics

Free Eye Camp # : 46
Date : February 19, 2017 | Jumada al-Awwal 23, 1438
Location : Iqbal Eye Block, G.T. Road, Dina, Distt. Jhelum
Sponsor : Haji Mohammad Sabir, Rohtas
Patients Examined : 550
Patients Operated : 93
Diabetic Patients Postponed : 10

Cataract Patients Identified

Approx. every 5th patient was identified with cataract.
Another 1,8% were identified but could not be operated due to high blood sugar.

Operated Patient Ratio

Operated Patient Ratio

Contrary to previous Free Eye Camps the majority of beneficiaries were men (55%) whilst women only constituted 45%.

Patient Distribution by Gender & Age

Patient Distribution by Gender & Age

The relatibely younger beneficiaries are femail. Yet major part of the female beneficiaries are aged 61-70 years whilst male beneficiaries are mainly +60 years.

This trend is similar to earlier Free Eye Camps although fortunately there are none at a tender age, which is promising, as we strive to eliminate blindness.

List of Beneficiaries

As is the table below is sorted by gender and name.

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Gender Patient Name W/O or S/O Age (Yrs) Village/Town Operated Eye
Najam un Nisa Abdullah 48 Dina L. ECCE+IOL
Lal Khan Karam Elahi 76 Tila Jogian R. ECCE+IOL
Khursheed Bibi Akram Bhatti 50 Mangla L. ECCE+IOL
Najma Zahoor 56 Chakyam R. ECCE+IOL
Muhammad Ashraf Dewan Ali 80 Jandala R. ECCE+IOL
Mushtaq Abdul Karim 70 Muftian L. ECCE+IOL
Abdul Ghafoor Karam Elahi 70 Rohtas R. ECCE+IOL
Shafique Abdul Ghafoor 60 Domeli L. ECCE+IOL
Arshad Begum Khan Muhammad 60 Nakoder R. ECCE+IOL
Shafia Jan Muhammad 55 Mughla Abad R. ECCE+IOL
Barkat Ali Fazal Din 62 Domeli L. ECCE+IOL
Aslam Sadique 70 Ghar Mahal L. ECCE+IOL
Mukhtar Begum Azam 50 Nagyal L. ECCE+IOL
Barkat Ali Fazal 90 Nakoder R. ECCE+IOL
Bashir Noor Ahmed 60 Nagyal L. ECCE+IOL
Rehmat Bibi Muhammad Ajaib 70 Dina L. ECCE+IOL
Malkia Khan Nawaz 52 Adrana L. ECCE+IOL
Safeera Zaman 70 Pir Shah Wasan L. ECCE+IOL
Sakina Ashraf 70 Jandala L. ECCE+IOL
Fatima Mushtaq 70 Kasyal R. ECCE+IOL
Arshad Begum Rehmat Khan 70 Khukha R. ECCE+IOL
Nayamat Begum Yaseen 60 Nakoder R. ECCE+IOL
Jan Gul Noor Muhammad 57 Madukalas R. ECCE+IOL
Rukhsana Bashir 50 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Maqsood Begum Abdul Rehman 80 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Arshad Begum Muhammad Ashraf 45 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Saleem Fazal Ahmed 65 Mair L. ECCE+IOL
Zaman Fatah Muhammad 80 Dina L. ECCE+IOL
Balqees Muhammad Zaman 75 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Jamila Saleem Saleem 65 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Jamshaid Ali Fazal Elahi 65 Jalor Chak R. ECCE+IOL
Suleman Allah Ditta 65 Jhelum R. ECCE+IOL
Zaman Bahader Khan 62 Thela Mira Sohawa L. ECCE+IOL
Safdar Ali Shair 60 Dehire Rehana R. ECCE+IOL
Rukhsana Mazhar Mazhar 40 Baghan R. ECCE+IOL
Nazeer Begum Muhammad Shabir 65 Khukha L. ECCE+IOL
Allah Ditta Muhammad Hussain 72 Jalor Chak L. ECCE+IOL
Mehmood Hussain Mohammad Hussain 63 Kasyal L. ECCE+IOL
Maqbool Ahmed Faiz Ahmed 60 Chani Gujran L. ECCE+IOL
Fazal Noor Sakhi Muhammad 60 Pir Shah Wasan R. ECCE+IOL
Wali Muhammad Atta Muhammad 80 Choha L. ECCE+IOL
Muhammad Yousaf Ghulam Ahmed 80 Kaloowal L. ECCE+IOL
Zakia Younas 68 Sohawa R. ECCE+IOL
Alyas Ch. Qarban 80 Ratyal R. ECCE+IOL
Sakandar Javed Basheer 65 Rohtas R. ECCE+IOL
Muhamamd Shafi Umer Din 70 Rehmana Abad R. ECCE+IOL
Tikka Khan Fatah Muhammad 72 Kaloowal R. ECCE+IOL
Zahoor Ahmed Noor Ahmed 62 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Tazeem Akhtar Muhammad Silam 45 Nakoder R. ECCE+IOL
Hameed Begum Ashraf 65 Lala Musa L. ECCE+IOL
Nazran Basheer 70 Lala Musa L. ECCE+IOL
Muhammad Hussain Fazal Elahi 75 Lala Musa L. ECCE+IOL
Muhammad Aslam Alim Din 75 Lala Musa R. ECCE+IOL
Muhammad Riaz Ghulam Muhammad 75 Chak Jamal R. ECCE+IOL
Farooq Ali Shan 50 Sagri L. ECCE+IOL
Arif Zaman 70 Lahri L. ECCE+IOL
Sadique Jawan 65 Samri Sarula R. ECCE+IOL
Rashid Zaman 43 Noor Mohalla L. ECCE+IOL
Muhammad Ali Fakhar Din 50 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Naseem Begum Khan Muhammad 65 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Waheed Abu Zar 68 Gardari L. ECCE+IOL
Adalat Muhammad Bakhish 89 Dhok Badhal R. ECCE+IOL
Shafqat Hussain 65 Kasyal L. ECCE+IOL
Wali Dad Allah Dad 80 Kaloowal R. ECCE+IOL
Sakina Safder 50 Dhok Dairo L. ECCE+IOL
Muhammad Ghulam Atta Muhammad 60 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Ghazanfar Zaman 80 Khana Boki R. ECCE+IOL
Hameed Abdul Khaliq 90 Baghan L. ECCE+IOL
Fakraj Allah Rakha 68 Chak Dood R. ECCE+IOL
Naseem Akhtar Muhammad Aslam 50 Sohawa L. ECCE+IOL
Muhammad Hayat Nawab Khan 77 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Altaf Nawaz 58 Dina L. ECCE+IOL
Anwar Bi Zaman 70 Dina L. ECCE+IOL
Arshad Begum Afzal 65 Chani Gujran L. ECCE+IOL
Bakhtawar Bibi Abdullah 75 Malday R. ECCE+IOL
Parwaiz Rooz Khan 75 Adrana L. ECCE+IOL
Mumtaz Bibi Saleem 70 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Fazal Hussian Nadar Khan 75 Domeli R. ECCE+IOL
Rasheeda Sadique 60 Dina L. ECCE+IOL
Fazeelat Habib Khan 50 Jhelum L. ECCE+IOL
Nazeer Gull Muhammad 70 Kala Day R. ECCE+IOL
Parveen Basheer 50 Kurlan L. ECCE+IOL
Anwar Fazal 65 Doma R. ECCE+IOL
Munir Gull Shair 70 Sohan R. ECCE+IOL
Fazal Hussian Muhammad Din 65 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Anwar Jan Allah Ditta 70 Doiyan R. ECCE
Latif Sardar 60 Sohawa R. ECCE+IOL
Sekhian Bibi Maroof 60 Sayeedan R. ECCE+IOL
Akram Lal Hussain 72 Padri L. ECCE+IOL
Ajaib Sardar 65 Dina L. ECCE+IOL
Ruqia Nunir 60 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Lal Matli Khan 50 Dina R. ECCE+IOL
Khanma Palwan 70 Khukha R. ECCE+IOL
Gender Patient Name W/O or S/O Age (Yrs) Village/Town Operated Eye

Diabetic Patient Postpone Detail

Due to high blood sugar reading, operations of following diabetic patients were temporarily postponed.

Gender Patient Name W/O or S/O Age (Yrs) Village/Town Advised Blood Sugar
Khadim Shafi 49 Chak Akka L. ECCE+IOL 507
Nehmat Bi Maian Wali 70 Kashmir Colony R. ECCE+IOL 357
Haleema Mashooq 55 Rehana Gujran R. ECCE+IOL 352
Younas Shah Hanif Shah 63 Dina R. ECCE+IOL 319
Sabar Sakhi Muhammad 55 Chak Dahria L. ECCE+IOL 312
Arshad Mirza Khan 54 Nagyal L. ECCE+IOL 298
Allah Ditta Elahi Bukhsh 50 Lodharan L. ECCE+IOL 295
Long Khan Mubarak Khan 65 Jalor Chak L. ECCE+IOL 268
Amjid Akbar 56 Dina R. ECCE+IOL 268
Nazeer Karam Elahi 60 Danyala L. ECCE+IOL 247