Free Eye Camp Statistics

Free Eye Camp # : 42
Date : March 22, 2015 | Jumada al-Akhira 2, 1436
Location : Iqbal Eye Block, G.T. Road, Dina, Distt. Jhelum
Sponsor : Haji Mohammad Sabir, Rohtas
Patients Examined : 500
Patients Operated : 82
Diabetic Patients Postponed : 18

Cataract Patients Identified

Approx. every 5th patient was identified with cataract.
Another 2,8% were identified but could not be operated due to high blood sugar.

Operated Patient Ratio

In consistency with previous Free Eye Camps the majority of beneficiaries are women (two-third) whilst men only constitute one-third.

Patient Distribution by Gender & Age

Major part of female beneficiaries are aged +50 years whilst male beneficiaries are mainly +60 years.

This trend is similar to earlier Free Eye Camps although fortunately there are none at a tender age, which is promising, as we strive to eliminate blindness.

List of Beneficiaries

As is the table below is sorted by gender and name.

Click on any column header to sort in ascending/descending order.

Gender Patient Name W/O or S/O Age (Yrs) Village/Town Operated Eye
Fehmeeda Begum Muhammad Risalat 70 Amral Left + IOL
Naseem Akhtar Tariq Hussain 42 Baghan Left + IOL
Ali Akbar Abdul Khaliq 50 Bangyal Left + IOL
Rehmat Bibi Ibraheem 50 Barla Right + IOL
Baati Ali Shera 80 Bora Jungle Left + IOL
Syeda Akhtar Muhammad Razzaq 60 Chak Almas Left + IOL
Fazal Ahmed Kalay Khan 68 Chak Baliyan Left + IOL
Muhammad Bashir Muhammad Ali 65 Chakoha Right + IOL
Zarina Begum Naik Alam 56 Chotala Left + IOL
Mian Khan Wazeer Khan 75 Chotala Right + IOL
Zarait Hussain Walayat Hussain 55 Dhok Kanyal Right + IOL
Parveen Akhtar Shabbir Hussain 50 Dhok Munawar Left + IOL
Riaz Ahmed Anayat Ullah 65 Dhok Munawar Right + IOL
Muhammad Afzal Shah Wali 68 Dhok Munawar Right + IOL
Kaneez Bibi Abdul Raheem 65 Dhok Padhal Left + IOL
Faal Hussain Altaf Mehmood 50 Dina Right + IOL
Shehnaz Begum Tariq Mehmood 55 Dina Right + IOL
Khurshaid Begum Hayat Muhammad 58 Dina Right + IOL
Kaneez Fatima Niaz Ali 60 Dina Right + IOL
Nazeer Bibi Muhammad Anwar 65 Dina Right + IOL
Muhammat Taj Rehmtullah 67 Dina Right + IOL
Kaneez Fatima Niaz Ali 70 Dina Right + IOL
Khursheed Begum Haji Fazal 70 Dina Right + IOL
Zaitoon Bibi Faqeer Muhammad 70 Dina Left + IOL
Ch. Dani Ch. Manga 75 Dina Right + IOL
Syed Afzaal Shah Syed Liaqat Shah 75 Dina Right + IOL
Abdul Aziz Malik Saleem 80 Dina Left + IOL
Zohra Bibi Noor Hussain 70 Domeli Right + IOL
Fateh Begum Muhammad Aslam 57 Ghagar Right + IOL
Mastoran Begum Karam Dad 60 Ghagar Right + IOL
Asghar Ali Rehmat Ali 67 Ghagar Right + IOL
Noor Hassan Muhammad Khan 62 Gujar Katarian Left + IOL
Sugra Bibi M. Mushtaq 60 Gujar Khan Right + IOL
Anwar Begum Matloob Hussain 50 Jalo Chak Right + IOL
Balqees Begum Muhammad Ilyas 50 Jandala Left + IOL
Muhammad Ilyas Muhammad Khan 65 Jandala Right + IOL
Muhammad Ajab Hashim Ali 74 Kadlot Left + IOL
Manzoor Begum Sajawal Khan 55 Kala Gujran Right + IOL
Jaan Muhammad Faqeer Muhammad 81 Kala Gujran Left + IOL
Razia Begum Muhammad Sadeeq 70 Khokha Left + IOL
Khadeeja Begum Fazal Ahmed 75 Khokha Right + IOL
Khadija Fazal Ahmed 75 Khokha Right + IOL
Ghulam Murtaza Muhammad Afsar 62 Kikli Pothi Left + IOL
Shaheen Akhtar Mehboob Hussain 45 Ladhar Left + IOL
Dolat Begum Muhammad Nazeer 60 Lehri Left + IOL
Azhara Khan Muhammad 70 Lehri Left + IOL
Haq Nawaz Jandad Khan 70 Lehri Left + IOL
Tazeem Akhtar Raja Habib Nawaz 70 Lehri Right + IOL
Muhammad Younas Sher Muhammad 78 Lehri Right + IOL
Hassan Bi Muhammad Akbar 70 Madu Kalas Left + IOL
Muhaamad Yousaf Fateh Muhammad 80 Maldev Right + IOL
Noor Jahan Muhammad Aslam 75 Mota Gharbi Left + IOL
Naseem Akhtar Khalid Mehmood 40 Nagial Left + IOL
Niamat Bibi Muhammad Sharif 60 Nakodar Right + IOL
Sadiqa Begum Ashiq Hussain 60 Nakodar Left + IOL
Barkat Ali Muhammad Fazal 70 Nakodar Left + IOL
Basheer Begum Bostan Khan 75 Nakodar Right + IOL
Ghulam Hussain Jewan Khan 60 P.D Khan Right + IOL
Sakina Nazir Ahmed 45 Padhri Left + IOL
Parveen Akhtar Zahoor Ahmed 60 Panchor Left + IOL
Rab Nawaz Lal Khan 65 Pandori Left + IOL
Muhammad Ashraf Waris Khan 76 Pandori Right + IOL
Muhammad Akram Adalat Khan 50 Pind Jata Left + IOL
Farzand Bibi Muhammad Din 60 Pind Jata Right + IOL
Gulzar Begum Ali Muhammad 60 Pind Jata Right + IOL
Mukhtar Begum Fazal Kareem 75 Pind Jata Left + IOL
Rehmat Bibi Adalat Khan 75 Pind Jata Right + IOL
Zaroof Begum Sultan Muhammad 75 Potha Right + IOL
Sakeena Begum Muhammad Fazal 70 Pothi Right + IOL
Badshahi Begum Muhammad Nazir 40 Rajo Pindi Right + IOL
Muhammad Amin Muhammad Din 71 Rajo Pindi Right + IOL
Razia Bibi Abdul Kareem 60 Sagri Left + IOL
Ashraf Bibi Altaf 55 Sairi Ghanyal Right + IOL
Ali Ahmed Noor Muhammad 60 Sanatha Left + IOL
Zainab Bibi Barkat Ali 65 Saray Alamgir Right + IOL
Sarwat Jaan Nawab Khan 80 Sidh Tajpur Alia Right + IOL
Mukhtar Begum Iftikhar Ahmed 75 Sohawa Left + IOL
Bashir Ahmed Sultan Mehmood 75 Syedaan Right + IOL
Ali Anwar Walayat Khan 65 Tabba Rajgan Right + IOL
Shahid Sultan M. Hassan 55 Theekrian Right + IOL
Naseem Akhtar Khalil Hussain 60 Theekrian Left + IOL
Mushtaq Ahmed Farman Ali 70 Tilla Jogian Right + IOL
Gender Patient Name W/O or S/O Age (Yrs) Village/Town Operated Eye

Diabetic Patient Postpone Detail

Due to high blood sugar reading, operations of following diabetic patients were temporarily postponed.

Gender Patient Name W/O or S/O Age (Yrs) Village/Town Blood Sugar
Arshad Begum Muhammad Muneer 55 Dhok Kasyal 328
Bostan Khan Muhammad Hashim 74 Kurlan 346
Ch. Khan Qurban Hussain 62 Khatana Dulyal 599
Fazal Ahmed Allah Ditta 65 Madu Kalas 479
Fazal Bibi Ghulam Qadir 60 Dina 473
Muhammad Farooq Ali Shan 55 Sagri 446
Rafiqan Bibi Akhtar Hussain 55 Dina 304
Safia Begum Muhammad Yousaf 75 Sargodha 333
Sakina Muhammad Mushtaq 60 Chakoha 301
Shahida Parveen Muhammad Shabbir 40 Dina 364
Shehnaz Akhtar Muhammad Nazir 65 Kala Dub 346
Syeda Bibi Muhammad Bashir 55 Jakkar 368
Zeenat Begum Muhammad Sadiq 50 Dina 523
Zubaida Begum Matloob Hussain 50 Padhal 386